Vibratory Bowl Feeder
In an automated manufacturing setup First and foremost requirement is of feeding the parts to the workstation. Vibratory Bowl feeder is used for segregating and orienting parts in the desired position. The oriented parts can then be fed into chute for their on ward transportation to workstation. The bowls are cast out of Aluminum alloy or are fabricated from stainless steel or mild steel sheets depending on the material of the parts to be fed. The inner side of the bowl is lined with appropriate lining material to reduce wear.

Accessories :
Automatic Level sensors
Noise Reducing enclosures
Important Features :
Sturdy and robust design!
Epoxy Encapsulated Magnet coils for lasting life!
Alternating current  Multi magnet system for uniformly distributed vibrations!
Electronic solid state controller for adjusting feed rate!

Vibratory Bowl Feeder for Syringes
  Feed rate: 80 pcs / min.

Vibratory Bowl Feeder for Droppers
Feed rate: 200 pcs / min.

Multi track Vibratory feeder for Tablets
  Feed rate: 400 Tablets / min. / channel

Vibratory Bowl Feeder for tamper proof flip off caps
Feed rate: 180-200 caps / min.

Vibratory Feeder for Fuel Injector Nozzles
  Feed rate: 80-100 pcs / min.


Linear Vibratory feeder

The linear vibratory feeders are the natural extension of Bowl feeders and are required to be used when the parts are to be carried over a long distance from the Bowl feeder.

Key Benefits

Sturdy and robust design!
Epoxy Encapsulated Magnet coils for lasting life!
Alternating current  Multi magnet system for uniformly distributed vibrations!
Electronic solid state controller for adjusting feed rate!

Linear vibratory Feeder
  Linear conveying speed: 8-9 mrs / min.

Elevator conveyor

The Elevator conveyor is used as the name implies for Elevating or lifting the parts from ground level to the required height. Also simpler components like caps etc., can be oriented in desired position.

Bulk storage up to 100 liters.
Through Level monitoring system parts can be replenished in Bowl feeder.
Feed rate control with variable speed drive.



Customized Feeding Systems

We have developed special purpose customized parts feeding systems as add on to basic machines such as:

Cylindrical grinding machines.
Riveting machines.
Induction hardening machines.
Spot welding machines.
Tapping machines.
Assembly machines

Auto loading / Unloading for cylindrical bars on centerless grinding machine

Feed rate: 35-40 pcs. / min.

Automatic Screw Driving Machine

Capacity: 25-30 screwing / min.

Key Benefits :

The intigrated systems comprise of 

Bowl feeders
Linear feeders
Escapement devices
Part positioners
Pick & place units



Special Purpose machines

Towards the application and extension of our feeding systems, we have designed and developed several types of High speed Automatic special purpose machines and stand alone parts Feeding Systems as per customers requirement for:

Spot welding
Center less grinding

The developed machines and feeding systems are being used in to a vide spectrum of Industries such as:

Automobile Industries
Auto components Manufacturing Industries
Electrical and Switchgear Industries
Pharmaceutical Industries
Fastener manufacturing Industries
Zip manufacturing Industries

Key Benefits :

Designed for Add on attachment to the existing machines.
All the electrical and pneumatic items used, are standardized on reputed manufacturers products.
Integrated functions and checks through use of Programmable logical controls and sensors.
Designs are based keeping in view the  Aesthetics, Ergonomic and safety standards.
Proper documentation of operating and maintenance manuals.
Continued Technical support provided during and after commissioning .     
Stud fixing machine
Setup for fixing 5 Nos. M8 Studs on Brake drum.
Servo-Drives and PLC for precise depth control.
2-3 assemblies / min

Automatic Contact Riveting machine
2 Nos. of contact buttons reveted to contact strip.
Buttons & strips fed with vibratory bowl feeders.
Pick & place units for loading on index table.
Sensors & Inter locks for flaw less operation.
25-30 assemblies/min.

Deflashing machine for "2 wheeler Clutch Plate"
Manual loading of dutch plates on index table.
4 Nos. of spindle heads for removing flash.
Automatic unloading arm.
20-25 clutch plates / min.

Capping machine
Setup for fixing cap on spools.
The cap fed with vibratory Bowl Feeder.
Spools fed with rotary feeder on a belt conveyor.
Caps positioned and pressed over the spools.
100 assemblies / min.

Automatic Canister capping m/c
Conveyor for feeding canisters on rotary index table.
Valves fed through Vibratory Bowl Feeder.
Valves insertion with pick & place unit.
40 assemblies / min.

Automatic countersinking m/c
Nuts oriented & fed through vibratory bowl feeder.
Escapement device to position nut.
2 Nos. of horizontal self-feed drilling spindles for C sinking.
Automation ejection.
20-25 pcs / min.

Setup for counting & filling tablets into cardpack
Machine counts set number of tablets.
Vibratory bowl feeder feeds and fills them into 2 card packs simultaneously.
20-25 card packs / min.

  Tube light End Cap assembly m/c
Pins (2 Nos.) & Insulation plates (2 Nos.) assembled & reveted to Aluminum shell.
All parts fed automatically & progressively assembled & riveted on index table.
Speed control with inverter.
PLC control with MMI.
60-80 assemblies / min./ min.